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We Believe

We believe in treating our clients as our next door neighbours. By providing the best service delivery possible. We ensure your property is taken care of.

Our Journey Begins

In the vibrant summer of 2017, freshly graduated high school friends Naythan Melle and Landen Glas embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. With the University on the horizon and the need for tuition funds, they ventured into the window cleaning business with enthusiasm, minimal capital, and no prior business experience. This humble beginning marked the birth of a business that was about to flourish beyond their wildest dreams.


The Early Days: A Foundation of Learning and Growth

Naythan and Landen's early business education came from the vast resources available online and the invaluable lessons learned through trial and error. Starting with cleaning windows for family, friends, and neighbors, they quickly expanded their clientele through positive word of mouth.

Educational Growth: From Theory to Practice

As both founders pursued business studies at the University of Regina, they skillfully applied their academic knowledge to the practical aspects of running their business. This period saw them acquiring the necessary licenses and insurance, expanding their services to include gutter and commercial cleaning, and extending their reach beyond White City to Regina and the surrounding areas.


Expansion and Innovation: A Testament to Resilience

The years that followed were marked by continuous improvement and adaptation:
●  2019: The focus was on enhancing skills and processes, incorporating new cleaning techniques, and updating equipment.● 2020: Adaptation to the challenges presented by COVID-19 through the implementation of new safety protocols, contactless payment options, and online booking systems.● 2021: The team grew with the hiring of the first employees, addition of service trucks, and further expansion of services.● 2022: Introduction of a new website, additional employees, a third service vehicle, and an improvement in service delivery through technological enhancements and training.● 2023: The business experienced significant growth with a move to a larger facility, acquisition of a Sunroom Cleaning company, expansion into new cities, and a notable increase in staff size.

Future Vision: Setting Our Sights High

Our ambition is to become the dominant exterior cleaning service in Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Calgary, with plans to soon establish franchises. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering a positive company culture, underpinned by our core values of continuous learning, skill development, client and staff safety, convenience, and a commitment to excellence and innovation.


Vision for Our Clients

We view our clients as more than just customers; they are our neighbours. Our mission is to ensure that your property receives the utmost care through our dedicated service delivery. Our promise is fulfilled through easy booking, automatic updates, auto billing, and the professionalism of our friendly, skilled technicians.

Internal Vision:

A Message to Our Team

At Boys Next Door, we aim to be the leading name in exterior cleaning services across Canada, treating every client with the neighbourly respect and attention they deserve. Our services span from Window to Sunroom Cleaning, all delivered with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
We strive to lend a hand, make a friend, and create memorable experiences, asking ourselves, "Would our neighbour be satisfied with these results?"
Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to grow, innovate, and redefine excellence in exterior cleaning services.

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Our Goal

    Expanding our service delivery across Saskatchewan and Neighbouring provinces with specialized crews providing services of eavestrough cleaning, window cleaning, pressure cleaning and other housing maintenance services.

    Providing employment and learning opportunities to university students, such as ourselves, to learn business, people skills, and become role models in their communities.

    Becoming a one-stop-shop for all exterior cleaning services through automated and innovative approaches to provide best in class service delivery.

    Expanding to property management in both residential and commercial capacities.

    Building a trusted network of service-based businesses that our clients can rely on for their home services.

Meet The Owners 

Co-Owner Naythan

Naythan Co-Owner

My name is Naythan Melle, and I am the Co-Owner of Boys Next Door Window Cleaning. I graduated from the University of Regina in 2023 with a Degree in Business Marketing and a certificate in Public Relations. I pride myself in being a driven, hard-working and motivated individual who enjoys new experiences. I have a knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently, and enjoy taking on new challenges both in my work and personal life. Some of my favorite things to do include playing guitar, riding my motorcycle, skateboarding, snowboarding and traveling. A fun fact about me: as of 2023, I have traveled to 17 countries and most recently jumped off the Mostar Bridge in Bosnia! (Look it up if you wanna see some craziness)

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Co-Owner Landen

Landen Co-Owner

Hey! My name is Landen Glas, I am the Co-owner of Boys Next Door Window Cleaning, and a recent graduate from the University Of Regina. I graduated with a Degree in Business Marketing, and certificates in Public Relations and Economics. Some of my favorite things to do besides building our business are Snowboarding & riding BMX, playing guitar, riding motorcycles, watching movies, & working on side projects! My dream job besides operating Boys Next Door would be to start a consulting firm to provide my knowledge to help other business people.

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