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How Often Should I Have My Windows Cleaned?

Every property is different, and environmental factors near your business (such as gravel, train tracks, a busy street, a lake, etc.) can have an effect on how often you should be cleaning your windows. Generally a good rule of thumb is to get your windows cleaned twice per year. Spring and Fall is generally the best time to get them cleaned. This will keep your windows spotless, remove and build up of hard-water, or damaging debris, and save you money on your heating bill!

High Access Window Cleaning

High-Access Window Cleaning

High-Access Cleaning can be challenging to complete. At Boys Next Door we have the tools, training, and knowledge to complete your large building cleanings safely and efficiently.
Types of Buildings we work with:
Apartment BuildingsSeniors ComplexesCommercial SpacesAnything else up to 6 stories

Why Choose us?
Proven track record of working with property managers on large scale cleanings5 Million dollar insurance policy WCB covered employeesAWP certified and trained
Contact us today for a quote on your large scale cleaning project

Store Front Window Cleaning

Storefront Window Cleaning

Storefront window cleaning is a crucial part of having a clean and inviting store for your customers. Showcase your window displays and open signs with clarity for increased foot traffic and customer satisfaction.
Types of cleaning we offer:
Interior Window CleaningExterior Window CleaningTracks and Screens

What can we offer to you?
Custom scheduling options to fit your preferencesHours of operation# of cleans in a yearAutomated BillingGuarantee on all services

Construction Window Cleaning

Construction Clean-Up Window Cleaning

Post - Construction Window Cleaning is one of our specialties, with extensive experience we know the right methods and tools to clean all windows during a clean up without risk of negligent damages. We work with all types of glass including tempered glass services.
Debris we remove:
Dust SiliconeStuccoGlueGroutStickers
Contact us today about your post construction cleaning needs and we would be happy to assist!

*Pricing is variable dependent on the panes of the glass

Revitalizing and Protecting Windows from Hard Water Damage

Have you noticed a white haze on your windows that is near impossible to remove?
As a part of our window cleaning services, we remove and seal off hard water deposits on the glass to stop it from building up again.
The cause of this white haze is from hard water from your tap or sprinklers. Hard water is full of minerals, and when it comes in contact with the glass after the water has evaporated off the minerals will be left leaving a heavy white haze on your windows. Leaving this build-up on your glass can leave it prone to damaging oxidation resulting in the risk of cracking over time.
$10- $20 per pane (depends on the severity of buildup)

Window Hard Water Damage

Our Coverage and Capabilities

Working height up to 5 Stories tall from both traditional and water-fed methods

5+ Years of experience using industry-leading methods to clean all glass surfaces with no risk of damages or scratches

WCB Covered & Fall arrest certified technicians

5 Million dollar liability insurance

Service Disclaimer

Boys Next Door Window Cleaning strives to provide professional and reliable window cleaning services to our valued customers. While our technicians are extensively trained to use appropriate tools and techniques for various types of windows, it's important to note that abrasives are commonly used in the industry to remove debris.

We take utmost care in our operations to avoid any damage to glass surfaces. However, we cannot be held liable for issues arising from fabricated debris, as the nature of such debris can be unpredictable and beyond our control. While we make every effort to ensure the safety of your windows, we recommend regular inspections of your property after our services to address any concerns promptly.

By choosing Boys Next Door Window Cleaning, you acknowledge and understand the industry-standard use of abrasives and agree that we are not responsible for any damage resulting from their application. We appreciate your understanding and trust in our services.

Thank you for choosing Boys Next Door Window Cleaning. We look forward to serving you with excellence and professionalism.


No need to worry about rain, we offer a 5-day rain guarantee on all of our window cleaning services. Simply, If it rains within 5 days of your window cleaning service and the windows don’t 100% look spick-and-span clean afterwards, give us a call within 5 days & We will come back at our nearest convenience and provide a complimentary touch-up on up to 10 affected windows to ensure a spotless shine, even though the rain.

1 Month Clog Free Guarantee
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Our Weather Policy

We know how frustrating bad weather can be to get your windows cleaned. Our weather policy is as follows:

If it is not raining, we will complete your window cleaning as scheduled and promised.

In the situation, it is raining but precipitation is light, we will proceed as scheduled because the rain will not affect the cleaning process.

In the circumstance of heavy rain, high winds, or extreme storm conditions, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available booking that is both convenient and timely for you (If you have booked an interior cleaning, we will proceed with interior cleaning on the day of the appointment and follow up another day for the exterior cleaning),

From our experience, we are able to make accurate decisions on weather conditions to ensure that cleaning quality and technician safety comes first. We stand by our prompt and professional communication to inform you of any changes to your appointment & we are confident you will be pleased with that.

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