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Sunroom Screen & Window Cleaning

When screens get dirty, and remain uncleaned, they can dry out and become brittle, leading to cracks, rips and discolouration.
A lot of sunroom owners have BBQs in their enclosure. BBQ grease on your vinyl and screens is very difficult to remove and can lead to damaged screens, vinyl, and glass if not cleaned properly.
Dirty screens can lead to poor air quality inside the sunroom. A proper cleaning can prevent this.
Spiders and other bugs love to work their way into sunrooms, especially in the spring and fall. A good cleaning of the enclosure ensures that your sunroom stays clean and clear of bug infestations.
A clean sunroom leads to more enjoyable moments spent in the space that you invested in.


Why is Sunroom Cleaning Important?

How Often Should I Have My Sunroom Cleaned?

We recommend having your sunroom cleaned a minimum of once per year so you can enjoy it all summer long. That being said, if you live near a dusty area or dirt road, have hard water, or BBQ in your enclosure, we would recommend cleaning twice or three times per year.

Sunroom Before & After Cleaning

Services We Provide

Sunroom Cleaning

Vinyl Windows & Screen Sunroom

Starting at $250.00+GST

Sunroom Glass Cleaning

Glass Window Sunroom

Starting at $200.00+GST

Sunroom Screen Cleaning

Screens Only Sunroom

Starting at $200.00+GST

Have a small repair you need fixed?

We are able to help you with a re-vinyl, or re-screen your sunroom, as well as fix loosely-sliding vinyl panes. Ask us about repairs when booking your service!

Sunroom Screen Repair


Whether you have a vinyl, screen, or glass sunroom enclosure, it is important to protect your investment with a cleaning and sealant. We make sure to not only clean dirt, grime and/or BBQ grease from your sunroom, we also add a screen sealant to your screens and waterproof solution to your vinyl, to ensure they repel dirt and hard water - Protect your investment with our sunroom cleaning service

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