Clean the exterior windows of workplace buildings is very important! Your windows are an item that you may not have considered. If your exterior windows are dirty, the interior of your space can be dark and dull. Please read on for tips on properly cleaning exterior windows so you can avoid hiring a contractor this season.

How Important Is It To Clean The Exterior Windows Of Workplace Buildings?

Potential customers can form their first impression of your company based on exterior windows and doors. These surfaces can easily become dirty if not maintained and aren’t cleaned frequently, which will reduce business.

Depending on the location and exposure of the structure, exterior windows need to be cleaned at least three times a year and sometimes more frequently. The decision to perform this service should be made by property management, or it may be left to the front desk staff. Ensure desk staff is well-versed in cleaning procedures and safety considerations.

How to Clean the Exterior Windows of Workplace Buildings?

Now let’s know how to clean your commercial exterior windows- 

  • First Step

Using a soft cloth dampened with warm water or an all-purpose cleaner, removing any dirt and grime that may be on the glass is the first step in preserving your exterior windows. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleansers or detergents as some of them may damage the glass. To clean the exterior windows of workplace buildings always take suggestions who are expert in this field.

Avoid using abrasive tools or scrubbing brushes on your windows as they will scratch the surface and cause permanent damage. If you want to remove paint splatters from exterior painted sills, consult a professional for advice as doing so is safer than using chemicals. If you don’t have cloth, you can use tissue or paper towels.

  • Second Step

Check for glass and any stains that cannot be removed with a soft cloth after a thorough cleaning. If so, you may need to use a window cleaning chemical or a cleaning solution mixed 50/50 with water.

Various cleaning products on the market can be used for this purpose, some of which are made specifically for commercial windows and others that can be applied more broadly.

If you plan to work around these chemicals frequently, they must be safe and certified by safety authorities. Never clean the exterior windows of workplace buildings with vinegar or bleach as they are acidic and can eventually damage the building.

How To Clean High-Rise Windows?

It’s best to contact a reputable window cleaning service for high windows, as they will have the right equipment and experience for the job. Window cleaning outside high-rise buildings requires special procedures, equipment, and safety measures.

To protect the safety of workers and the property being cleaned, water intake poles are often used for high-rise commercial window cleaning. In order not to become unstable and damage the building, these poles must either start from a solid foundation or be properly tied. To clean the exterior windows of workplace buildings especially high-rise windows proper tools and cleaning techniques should be taken under sharp supervision.

For this task, special tools such as a bucket and a telescopic-handle squeegee should be used. Other methods, such as rope access methods or water blasting, can be used to clean exterior windows, but they take a lot of skill and experience to be effective.If done incorrectly, they offer a serious risk to both staff and windows, which can result in damage and loss.

Commercial window washing involves a high level of technical skill and experience, so it shouldn’t be attempted alone. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel competent enough to handle the job yourself, consult a professional for advice on exterior window cleaning. To clean the exterior windows of workplace buildings, you should be careful.