Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is part and parcel of maintaining a home, giving it a fresh occupant every now and then. Windows capture the light, shoot up the heat index, protect the home aesthetically from the cold and its residents from the weather. You have to put in the periodic effort, invest time and money each time you clean them. Otherwise, the dirt will hit your window every day and will be transferred again to other places of your home.

Timing is important

The best time to be window cleaning is always in the middle of the day when the sun can be fully utilized, but you can also choose a cloudy day. Cleaning during the day not only allows the windows to be cleaned more efficiently, but it is also easy to manage a particularized task when cleaning windows. Warm weather allows the window frames to dry faster. Before you start the glass cleaning, peek at your monthly calendar and make sure to clean your windows in the specified months, or if you are lucky to stay with free sparkling windows by the middle of each month.

All the more, besides cleaning windows you also clean your exterior walls and clear off all the mould you have accumulated right after a major rainfall. This way, you don’t encounter a shifting, spongy mixture of mould on your walls, or even hard to remove grey mould on your walls. If your windows work on mechanical systems like pulleys, then clean the windows accordingly. If your windows work through pulleys, you need to hand wash with a gentle mixture using soap or a solution specifically designed for window cleaning. If your windows work through a mechanical motion then you can take care to just soak in a solution that loosens and eliminates dirt, mould, and even graffiti. You can also apply calcium-based solutions that actually solidify and remove dirt, mould, and graffiti as well.

Several methods are used for Window Cleaning

Before you start, you should remove any dirt with a chamois that is soaked in a solution of water and vinegar. Carefully clear off excess water from the windows and window frames. You can use a wet and dry vacuum to clean potentially stuck dirt and dust from the edges of the window. If your windows are made of glass and not removable in a conventional sense, then a clean dry cloth is more efficient. As you work on the window, move from the edges to the middle to the bottom, the glass can become tricky to handle.

One Story Home Window Cleaning

If you are doing a one-story home, try cleaning windows in sections of the window that can be accessed without a ladder, then wash the window frame and the window sill. Otherwise, dry remove all moisture than using a normal window cleaner. You can also use a damp cloth on the window sill and then the window frame. Next, and perhaps more conveniently for windows separated from one level to another, try cleaning windows inside your home itself. If you do not want to go through all that trouble, we do offer window cleaning services.