Why Window Cleaning is Important?

Why Window Cleaning is Important?

Window Cleaning

Everybody brushes their teeth twice a day and generally does not think twice about it. In everyday life, this is a very necessary routine because it keeps us safe. However, this theory and routine are often neglected when it comes to window cleaning for your home or business over the year.We clean the doors and windows now and again, but we avoid doing so as much as possible. It could be due to the trouble of high inaccessible windows and the thought of getting on your roof is terrifying, the dreaded sight of streaky windows after a DIY attempt, making them almost worse than as if they just remained dirty, or that simply there isn’t enough time in the schedule to get them.Avoiding window cleaning is like not brushing your teeth. There are many examples out there of why you would routinely brush your teeth, reducing plaque build-up, fresh breath, or improving that smile. So just as with your teeth, There are also many examples of why you should routinely clean your windows. In this article, we are discussing why window cleaning is so crucially important to keep up with.

How Often Should I Use Windows Cleaning Services

We recommend getting them cleaned twice a year; Fall and Spring. If you are in need of window cleaning services in Regina, The Boys Next Door is here to help!

Streak-Free Glass Care

1 The Structure of Glass

Before you start, you should remove any dirt with a chamois that is soaked in a solution of water and vinegar. Carefully clear off excess water from the windows and window frames. You can use a wet and dry vacuum to clean potentially stuck dirt and dust from the edges of the window. If your windows are made of glass and not removable in a conventional sense, then a clean dry cloth is more efficient. As you work on the window, move from the edges to the middle to the bottom, the glass can become tricky to handle.

2 Property Appearance

Most people don’t know how much clean windows improve curb appeal. Shining windows create a clean and inviting perception of your home or business. People pay attention to cleanliness, and clean windows often make people more relaxed and positive from unfiltered natural light. Whether it’s your business’s storefront, spotless windows can make that open sign pop to drawing foot traffic, make your clients feel more positive, and in turn help you sell your products. Or how about you are going to view the home to purchase and all the windows are covered with dirt and debris. Being that you can hardly see out them, that takes away from the view and the appeal of the home. For selling a home, clean windows, frames, and sills sell on average at higher prices rather than dirty ones.

3 Heating Your Home

Most people are surprised, but dirty windows can actually increase your home heating bill. Pollutants upon the porous glass absorb UV light rather than passing through, which prevents your home to warm up by the sun. The result, increasing your furnace temperature to make up for the difference. In a place like Saskatchewan, you want to get the most performance out of your home to match up to the cold seasons and your windows are an often neglected part of that.

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4 Ongoing Window Cleaning

Like our teeth, cleaning your windows regularly is often better than waiting and exposing them to costly replacements or repairs. You can find that you can significantly prolong the life of your windows by cleaning your windows frequently. You protect the glass not just from minor cracks, but also scratching, mold growth, algae and other contaminants.

5 Window Cleaning Just Looks, Nice!

No, but clean windows (inside and outside) are still good for you. It improves the mood of people in clean environments and can also improve wellbeing. It will not only help boost your home atmosphere or company perception, it will just feel good to have clean windows.